About Advanced Processor Research Ltd.

Contact: Christopher Aziz, President

Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd.) specializes in scientific high performance computational (HPC) performance improvement and has repeatedly demonstrated a special talent for "taming" unusual design challenges and non-standard architectures. Performance enhancement application areas include seismic processing, digital image processing (including rasterization, graphics and classification development), general matrix library functions including BLAS and LAPACK, intrinsic function evaluation, FFTs, convolution, and various novel data management issues. Analysis and design are tailored to the application domain specifics and programmed in whatever combination of bash, Perl, C++, C, FORTRAN, assembler or microcode is most appropriate.

Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd.) is an Alberta registered corporation established in 1985 as an independent scientific software consulting company and contractor based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The wide availability of "The Web" and general INTERNET services, high speed connections over ordinary phone lines (ADSL), and secure computer to computer protocols (ssh) have made it economic for Advanced Processor Research Ltd. to internationally telework since 1999. Downtown Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Los Angeles are all equally close to our offices. London, Brussels and Bonn are but a "blink" away. Canberra no more than a "twitch" farther.

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